My experience with BlitzMetrics; learning from my mistakes and taking second chances.

I started working with BlitzMetrics in March of 2014. I met Dennis Yu at a conference at the LDS Business College. I honestly didn’t understand much of what he was speaking about. All I know is that he was talking about working with the Golden State Warriors, and that definitely caught my attention.

I always though it would be the best job to have- working for an NBA team. I was so intrigued about the whole idea of it. After giving Dennis and his associate Alex a standing ovation and round of applause, I knew I had to get in contact with them. So me and two of my friends got out of our seats and walked toward them. As we got closer we saw about 20 other people who had beat us to Dennis. He was talking so confidently and I could see the passion in his eyes. We decided to wait a couple minutes to see if we could at least introduce ourselves. Behind a table I saw Alex, a young professional looking man talking to someone. He didn’t seem as busy as Dennis so I thought we could go talk to him. So we did.

He told us what their company BlitzMetrics was all about. It was a social media marketing company based in Minnesota. After listening to who they were and what their story was, I told them about my interest in working for the NBA. Surprisingly, Alex told me that they were looking to take a group of students over the summer and take them as employees. I was intrigued. I wanted to a part of their organization so bad.


I soon got in contact with Dennis. I was convinced that he was the smartest man I had ever met. He seemed to know about everything. We connected really well and he always made time to talk to me. Me and him became friends.

I had to do some things to become qualified in order to work for BlitzMetrics. These included, creating a blog and writing about your passion, watching some instructional videos by Mari Smith, and lastly taking a couple quizzes to test my knowledge. Dennis and Alex didn’t expect us to know all the material about social media marketing. They focused on making sure we held qualities that met a hardworking, consistent, determined, and unafraid mindset.  They knew that these type of people would succeed. They knew they would be able to teach us what we needed to know as long as we held these attributes.


I left Salt Lake City, Utah and left for Plymouth, Minnesota with a group of students. In Plymouth we worked at the office 8 hours a day. BlitzMetrics paid for our rent and our food. I had so much to be thankful for. I soon began learning all about social media marketing. I started working on small projects to see how ready I was for the big project I was aiming for- working with the Golden State Warriors. It took me a couple weeks to get there. I struggled at first, learning all the material. It was a lot to take in, but Dennis and Alex never gave up on me. They knew my passion for basketball would push me to success.

blitz friendsCaptur

I remember the day they thought I could start working on projects for the Warriors. I had just finished running a campaign for ZTE phones- a sponsor for the Houston Rockets. They were giving out autographed cell phones signed by players from the team. They wanted to get sign ups for the phones. We got thousands and thousands of sign ups along with tens of thousands of new fans from the campaign. To say the least it was successful because we followed Dennis and Alex’s guidelines.

I was sitting at my desk working and I heard the words, “Hey Aarun, are you ready to run ads for the Warriors.” I turned around slowly and had the biggest smile on my face. All I said was, “Heck yes”.

I worked with the Warriors doing small tasks and filing weekly reports of their success and analysis of what we were doing and what we could be doing. It was hard work- or I thought it was. There were deadlines, business calls, running of ads, reports, presentation of reports, guides to make, articles to write, and more. It sounds like a lot and it felt like a lot. I got scared. I was scared I was going to mess up. I didn’t want to look “bad”. I froze. There was a couple weeks where I did well and then a couple days I froze and got scared again. I wasn’t consistent. Dennis and Alex had to take over all the time for me and fix what I wasn’t doing– the work we needed to do for the Warriors.

The Warriors were nice to me. They helped me more than I helped them. They understood I was new. I was lucky they were good friends with Dennis, otherwise they would have fired us.


I started to learn. I learned what it took to effectively run a campaign. I learned how to run ads without micro management. I started to do well. I felt that people could trust me. Things were going well.

With Dennis stepping in and amplifying spend and results under close supervision, the Warriors started to see how well our campaigns were doing. They agreed to step up the spend. They wanted to do a whole lot more. I thought I was ready to take it on. I was ready, but I limited myself. I got scared again. I let go all of the traits that would help me succeed. Without these traits I was setting myself up for failure. Which I did. I stopped doing anything. I made excuses to why I couldn’t work. I became static.

Probably the best thing that has happened to me over the last two years was being let go by the Warriors and BlitzMetrics. I wasn’t mad or upset at them. I knew I deserved to be let go. I was upset at myself. I knew i could have done so much better. When I was fired I realized how bad I treated the company and the clients I worked with. I was selfish and ignorant. But now looking back I know I can do better and prove I’m not that kind of a person. I know what I need to do better. I need to communicate, not be scared, and be consistent.

I saw how badly I treated the Warriors but how well they treated me and I feel bad about that. They gave me and Dennis multiple playoff tickets and merchandise among other things. They are a good organization that cares about everyone that is a part of it. They deserve the very best. They are lucky to have Dennis. Dennis is the best social media target marketer out there. I was lucky to have worked with him. I hope I can learn more from him in the future. 

aCapturedennis aarun

My goal now is to do the best I can with every client and customer I work with in my professional career. I have to treat them with respect, diligence, and honor. I can’t be afraid of failing. If I am unsure about things then I know I just have to communicate with the client and my team. I have thought and learned a lot from my experience with BlitzMetrics. I am thankful for everything they have done for me. I am especially thankful to them for giving me another chance. I am now out to prove that I can succeed. The best thing I can do now is learn and act on my past mistakes.

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