One simple but meaningful way to show your clients you care about them

The customer is always first no matter what. Every business knows this because they’re the ones that give you revenue and pay for your expenses.

Of course the best way to please your clients is to give exceptional service. That’s the #1 goal with any type of service or good you provide. However, you can always go the extra mile to show that your relationship with them isn’t all about just business. You can do things that build friendships that last long after your business is finished. After all, they’re the ones who are your word of mouth. Read this this article on inbound marketing.

An example of what I’m trying to preach to you here is something we call client love. We think of our client and what they stand for or something that connects well with them and buy them a small simple gift surrounding that. An example of this is the BlitzMetrics dollar bill. We use pictures of our clients faces, cut them out, and paste them onto dollar bills and send it to them. Here’s one that happens to have my face on it. BlitzMetrics made this for me because they care about all their employees! :)

IMG_2537 (1)



Sometimes we’ll give them multiple copies so they can show it to others and even hand them out as business cards. Clients love this so of course they share it on their social media sites. This is just another way to market ourselves out with other peoples voices. (Inbound marketing.)

Another example of client love is when BlitzMetrics made a photo with many different pictures of clients and partners in it. On the photo it says, ‘BlitzMetrics loves you.” This is meaningful and shows we take the time for our people.



Client love is something simple but rewarding and meaningful. It shows you care, it builds relationship, and it helps market who you are.

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